Property Management

In addition to buying and selling real estate for our clients, we have experience managing properties, including getting bids for repair projects and on going maintenance and upkeep. We also do drive by inspections in their absences and report back any issues that need addressing.

36 Lily Street 
Lynn, MA 01902

This was our biggest challenge. The out of state owners needed someone to come and clean up the home including remove all the trash inside and out, along with doing a complete yard clean up. We also handled a number of larger projects including upgrading the electrical, fixing the heating system and replacing the water line connection to the home.

10 Pond Street 
Lynn, MA 01904

This home was nothing more than a shell when we took on the assignment. Most of our involvement centered around making it safe to go in and out of the property by adding a temporary railing on the stairs as well as replacing some missing floor boards on the 2nd floor.



14 Kensington Park #5 Lynn, MA 01902

This unit was located in a larger and older Single family converted to 6 units not to long ago. The seller needed us to give the place a little TLC, including replacing the water heater, having the unit painted, upgrading the smoke detectors, and a few smaller items. We also worked with the Association in addressing a few items as well.

103 Summit Ave #2 Winthrop, MA 02152

Our biggest challenge with this home was getting the squatters out of the unit. After accomplishing this, we brought in a crew for a deep clean as well as make repairs the smoke alarms to get it on the market and sold!

112-114 Madison Street, Malden, MA 02148

Our clients were moving to Florida and over the course of a few months we had management a number of things that came up during their absence. An over pressurized water line burst flooding the kitchen. We reached out to a company to clean up the water damage and hired someone to put up a new ceiling kitchen.

21 Chestnut St 
Woburn, MA 01801

This home built in 1850 was vacant when our client had us secure it with new locks, clear out remaining belongings from the previous occupants and got the utilities turned back on.